Sex Sells In K-Pop

Sex Sells: K-Pop’s Sexiest Music Videos

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Korea is generally a very conservative country, especially when it comes to sex. Even though the subject of sex is considered taboo in Korea and is not openly talked about, it has found its way into Korean music. Many videos have stirred up controversy and some have even been banned for sexual themes and visuals. While many of these videos may seem normal or even tame by western standards, in Korea they’ve made headlines for their suggestive themes. Here is a ranking of some of K-Pop’s sexiest Videos.

10. U-KISS (유키스) – Quit Playing (끼부리지마)
This comeback video was meant to promote the U-KISS as more mature group than previous efforts. While it may seem mild, there was such a backlash that one member took to Twitter to apologize for the 19+ rating.

9. Mino – 몸’ ‘

‘Body’ is the solo debut of WINNER’s Mino. A YG representative revealed that the video had to be edited because it was too raunchy. He hinted at a possible release of the unedited version in the future.

8. HyunA (현아) – How’s this? (어때?)

This video might seem like a normal night in the club for many, but this type of open sexuality is uncommon to see in South Korean media.

7. San E (산이) ft. Bumkey (범키) – Body Language

‘Body Language’ is a video full of sexual visuals with audio to match. The lyrics are graphic, and the music features a female voice panting the word ‘faster’.

6. Gain (가인) ft. Bumkey (범키) – Fxxk U

Gain features Bumkey in his second collaboration on this list. ‘Fxxk U’ really expresses passion of ‘angry sex’

5. Brown Eyed Girls – Abracadabra

Brown Eyed Girls includes ‘Fxxk U’ singer Gain as a member. With BDSM themes and large amounts of skin exposure, it’s easy to see why this video would make headlines in South Korea’s conservative culture.

4. 4L (포엘) – Move (무브)

In a country where same-sex love is still enough to ruin a person’s career, 4L’s ‘Move’ video really pushed boundaries upon its release for its lesbian themes. The controversy may have contributed to the early demise of the group.

3. Gary (개리) ft. Crush (크러쉬) – Shower Later (조금 이따 샤워해)

With both explicit and abstract sexual visual, Gary’s ‘Shower Later’ leaves lets the imagination run wild. This video was banned from both SBS and KBS, two of the largest broadcasters in Korea.

2. AOORA (아우라) ft. demian – Body Talk (나븐손)

At only 1:10 seconds, AOORA’s video for ‘Body Talk’ display graphic silhouette posturing, as well as many, many provocative implications.

1. Jay Park (박재범) ft. Ugly Duck – 몸매’Mommae’

This video speaks for itself. From the very beginning, Jay Park’s ‘Mommae’ features risqué closeups. It includes extensive sexual imagery, including a condom-wrapped banana.