K-Pop Moves: Top 10 Iconic dances in K-Pop

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Dance and choreography in K-Pop music.

K-pop is known to have some of the best and most iconic choreography in the world. K-pop choreography is so popular that many artists release secondary music videos to show the dance or dance practice videos. Many dances are well known because of their difficulty and intensity, while others are known for their feasibility and energy. Whether it’s a dance that is easily mimicked by fans or one that captivates us because of its difficulty, K-pop choreography is memorable. Here is our ranking of the top 10 iconic dances in K-pop.

  1. Ring Ding Dong – Shinee

“Ring Ding Dong” by Shinee never made it to the charts, but the video definitely earned the group a reputation. Shinee is notorious for having some of the most difficult choreography in K-pop. Despite this, the group has also mastered the art of synchronicity. Many of the moves in the choreography may look easy, but there is some ridiculously intense footwork that is hard to follow. The dance for “Ring Ding Dong” became extremely popular for its difficulty, and for being so fun and impressive to watch.

9.. Gee – Girls’ Generation (SNSD)

An insanely popular song, “Gee” won Girls’ Generation nine awards including three for ‘Song of the Year.’ The song introduced many international fans to K-pop. The choreography became very popular, possibly due to its simplicity. The dance is familiar to fans and other idols alike. With the success of the song and the virality of the choreography it’s clear to see why Girls’ Generation is known as the ‘Queens of K-pop.’

  1. Mister – KARA

“Mister” launched the already popular group KARA into major stardom. The response was so positive that the group received more advertisements in October 2009 than the two years before. The choreography is sexy without being in your face about it. The most mimicked part of the dance, for obvious reasons, is popular ‘butt dance’ performed during the opening bars and carried into various other parts of the song.

  1. I Am the Best – 2NE1

“I Am the Best” is easily one of 2NE1’s hottest international hits. After being feature in a commercial for Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3, “I Am the Best” was distributed in the US by Capitol records and quickly reached number 1 on the US Billboard World Digital Songs chart and received airplay on many American radio stations. The song is quirky, sexy, and energetic and has the choreography to match. The dance can be noted for having moves that are easily accessible to fans while still be mesmerizing to watch.

  1. Bang Bang Bang – Big Bang

One of the hottest bangers ever released in K-pop, Big Bang’s “Bang Bang Bang” is noteable for its global appeal, charting in countries America, Europe, and Asia. It reached number 1 in Korea and the United States. One of the most danceable songs in K-pop, the choreography has some impressive and difficult moves throughout the song, but is also popular for having several moves that can be done easily by the masses during the beat drops.

  1. Ko Ko Bop – Exo

Exo is one of the best-known groups in K-pop. They are known for having talented singers, rappers, dancers, and visuals. They are also famous for being one of the best-choreographed K-pop groups. There are many songs that could be listed here, but “Ko Ko Bop” is the winner. The dance for this song became so popular that it inspired a viral challenge. The “Ko Ko Bop Challenge” involves fans doing the ‘hip thrust’ choreography during the lyrics “Down down baby” in random locations.

  1. Abracadabra – Brown Eyed Girls

“Abracadabra” made a huge splash in the K-pop world. Brown Eyed Girls felt that the cutesy concept would work against them, so they decided to go for a more sensual concept. The music video was met with controversy due to its sexual themes. The dance, however, became a sensation. While many moves may be considered too risqué for common use, many are very popular, especially the famous ‘hip swing’ performed during the verses.

  1. Sorry, Sorry – Super Junior­

“Sorry, Sorry” by Super Junior is by far one of the most danceable hits in K-pop. While the song never made it to the charts, it definitely struck a chord with audiences because of his fun and energetic feel. The choreography is easily accessible to fans that love to dance. The dance became so popular that the CPRDC Dancing Inmates of the Philippines performed it in a video that has received millions of views.

  1. Up & Down – EXID

Though EXID debuted in 2012, it was not until 2014 that the group really hit stardom with the release of “Up & Down,” which reached number 1 on Korean and American charts. The song actually hit the charts belatedly when a video of member Hani performing the song went viral. The dance has become very popular among fans and idols alike, with many idols imitating the ‘hip thrust’ motion performed in the intro and post-chorus bars.

  1. Gangnam Style – Psy

Psy’s “Gangnam Style” is probably the best-known K-pop song around the world. Upon its release, the song reached number 1 on charts all over the world. The music video, which features other idols such as HyunA and Big Bang’s Daesung and Seungri, broke several YouTube records at the time. The eccentric, quirky, and fun ‘horse riding dance’ has become one of the most seen and most performed dances around the world.