PENTAGON (펜타곤) – 빛나리 (Shine) Reaction and Review

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Pentagon has their latest music video for their song ‘Shine’ and this is our score, review, and reaction for it!

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Shine (빛나리) is the latest music video by K-Pop’s PENTAGON (펜타곤).  Join Marco and Saber as they give their reaction and review to this music video for Pentagon’s  ‘SHINE’.  They also give their final scores on the video based on the k-pop’s overall music appeal, overall choreography, overall video appeal, and overall global appeal.  See what their final score is right here!

Leave your comments, thoughts, and scores for this music video down below including scores out of 5 for
1) Song
2) Choreography
3) Video Appeal
4) Global Appeal

These are initial reactions and first time viewings unless stated in the video.  All reactions do not involve in depth analysis of the song and lyrics.  It is simply first reactions to the four things mentioned above 1) Overall song enjoyment  2) Overall choreography of the MV  3) Overall appeal of the MV,  and 4)  Global appeal of the MV and song.

The original music video in this reaction and review can be found here:

PENTAGON – ‘Shine’ Official Music Video

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