K-Pop Terminology: Fandom Names

  In K-pop, you might hear or read a lot of words or letters that don’t make sense if you aren’t familiar with them. There could be many reasons for this, but fandom is one of the biggest and most important. These names are often confusing, as they sometimes don’t seem to have relevance to … Read moreK-Pop Terminology: Fandom Names


Top 10 Female Idols Who Grew Up Abroad

Top 10 Female Idols Who Grew Up Abroad

Top 10 Female Idols Who Grew Up Abroad Just like male k-pop stars, there are also many female k-pop stars who have also lived abroad.  Living abroad has really helped these singers with not only doing press, but have helped them reach a much wider global appeal.   To follow up of ranking of male idols … Read moreTop 10 Female Idols Who Grew Up Abroad


Top Ten Male K-Pop Idols Who Grew Up Abroad

Top 10 Korean Male Idols Who Grew Up Abroad It is well known that to be an idol in Korea, one usually has to be Korean, or at least Asian, though there are a few notable exceptions. Many K-pop idols, Korean and foreigner, have lived overseas. Here is a ranking of the top ten male … Read moreTop Ten Male K-Pop Idols Who Grew Up Abroad


K-Pop Moves: Top 10 Iconic dances in K-Pop

Dance and choreography in K-Pop music. K-pop is known to have some of the best and most iconic choreography in the world. K-pop choreography is so popular that many artists release secondary music videos to show the dance or dance practice videos. Many dances are well known because of their difficulty and intensity, while others … Read moreK-Pop Moves: Top 10 Iconic dances in K-Pop


Introduction to Twice

The massively popular girl group Twice debuted in 2014; the first girl group to debut under JYP Entertainment since Miss A in 2010. The members were chosen through a competition survival show released on Mnet called Sixteen. The group released their debut EP along the single “Like Ooh-Ahh” on October 20, 2017. The video reached … Read moreIntroduction to Twice


YG Announces G-Dragon’s Military Enlistment Date

YG has made an official announcement of G-Dragon’s military enlistment day. The Bigbang member will enter his active duty military service on February 27. G-Dragon will not be holding an official farewell. He plans to enter the military quietly in order to prevent any chaos during his transition. Member Taeyang is also set to enter … Read moreYG Announces G-Dragon’s Military Enlistment Date


K-Pop and the Games

The Winter Games and K-Pop The 2018 Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea have begun. The 100 day Olympic Torch Relay was a star studded affair. The torch bearers included many K-Pop idols. Let’s take a look at some of the Hallyu musicians who had the honor of carrying the Olympic torch. 1. Suzy … Read moreK-Pop and the Games


Is Korea Ready?

Korea, in many ways, remains a very conservative country. Issues such as sex and homosexuality remain largely taboo. It has been slowly creeping into public view thanks to a small handful celebrities such as Hong Seok-cheon. On January 21, Korean singer Holland released a video for his debut song ‘Neverland’. The video has been met … Read moreIs Korea Ready?


Introduction to BTS

  BTS has taken the world by storm, and can be attributed with the recent rise in popularity of K-Pop in the west. BTS, whose name stands for ‘Bangtan Sonyeondan’ meaning ‘Bulletproof Boy Scouts’, is notable for not being signed by one of the big 3 (SM, YG, and JYP). Big Hit Entertainment held auditions … Read moreIntroduction to BTS


K-Pop Terminology: Maknae

  In Korea, Confucian philosophy has imprinted itself into many aspects of society. One the most blatant ways is in the ‘age hierarchy’ of the country. The Korean lagrange uses suffixes and other types of language depending on the age of the the subject and the object in relation to the speaker and the person … Read moreK-Pop Terminology: Maknae