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Sharing K-POP to the World

K-Pod Global is a website that helps add to making k-pop a global music genre that can be shared around the world.  We hope to provide visitors with such things as news, blogs, and reviews of the current K-POP scene.  We want to help with introducing the world to some of the popular K-POP bands as well as introduce you to some of the newer K-POP music.  Our goal is to help expand the Korean pop music scene to the world from right here in South Korea and provide a place where fans and people interested can find everything they’re looking for in English regarding the  K-POP scene.


Marco grew up wanting to be a musician, and when that didn’t work out, he decided to teach English in South Korea. Marco left his home in Columbus, Ohio, and has been living in Changwon for almost 2 years. He has really delved into the Korean music scene, and is ready to share it with the world.


Hi~ i am Jenny from South Korea. I’d like to introduce and share  about k-pop with you guys. Enjoy our content and leave your comments.


Scott is the founder and driving force behind Changwoner Entertianment.  He is one of the original hosts of The Changwoner Podcast and also the founder and producer of the show.  Scott is from Newfoundland, Canada and has been living in Changwon, South Korea for almost 16 years.

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