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Week 6 Voting Is OVER and Here Are The Results

Welcome to K-Pop Global’s Best Dance K-Pop Music Video Tournament Week 6’s voting is now over and here are the results. Week 6’s match up was TAEMIN (MOVE #2)  VS  SUPER JUNIOR (SORRY, SORRY) Out of 55 total votes, TAEMIN received 24 votes (44%) and SUPER JUNIOR received 28 votes (56%) Winner: SUPER JUNIOR (SORRY,...

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K-Pop Moves: Top 10 Iconic dances in K-Pop

Dance and choreography in K-Pop music. K-pop is known to have some of the best and most iconic choreography in the world. K-pop choreography is so popular that many artists release secondary music videos to show the dance or dance practice videos. Many dances are well known because of their difficulty and intensity, while others...

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