SUZY (수지) ‘SObeR’ M_V M/V Reaction and Review

SUZY’s latest music video for ‘SObeR’ is here and here is our reaction and review! SObeR is the latest music video by K-Pop’s SUZY (수지).  Join Marco, Jenny, and Saber as they give their reaction and review to this music video for SUZY’s ‘SObeR’.  They also give their final scores on the video based on … Read moreSUZY (수지) ‘SObeR’ M_V M/V Reaction and Review


K-Pop Terminology: Maknae

  In Korea, Confucian philosophy has imprinted itself into many aspects of society. One the most blatant ways is in the ‘age hierarchy’ of the country. The Korean lagrange uses suffixes and other types of language depending on the age of the the subject and the object in relation to the speaker and the person … Read moreK-Pop Terminology: Maknae